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FullFibre Announces New Partnership with Internet Service Provider IDNet

Wholesale network provider FullFibre are set to partner with internet service provider IDNet.

Specialising in business broadband services, including leased lines/DIA as well as providing residential options, IDNet also offer layer 3 services to local IT businesses in addition to other partners.

For FullFibre’s B2C brand Fibre Heroes, this means that end users will have yet another high-quality choice when it comes to choosing who will provide their residential broadband.

IDNet became the UK’s first B Corp internet service provider, this means the company meets high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

IDNet is also independently rated by ThinkBroadband as one of the fastest, most resilient, and best supported networks in the UK.

Speaking about this new partnership, FullFibre’s Head of Wholesale Matt Baker said:

“FullFibre is really pleased to be able to announce our partnership with IDNet.  It is really exciting times from both a roll out perspective but also connecting customers. IDNet share a common passion for improving the internet services for communities and we are really looking forward to serving both Business and Residential customers with them.“

IDNet’s Co-Founder and Director, Tim Davies said:

“Partnering with FullFibre is the next step for us at IDNet. Being able to reach customers that we previously deemed unreachable is the obvious benefit from this partnership, but moreover their expertise and support was immediately clear from our initial conversations.

We’re extremely excited for this partnership.“

IDNet joins the extensive list of FullFibre partners who are aiming to connect residents and businesses in historically underserved areas of the UK.

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Wholesale Network Provider FullFibre Lights up Cinderford

The Forest of Dean Town now has access to an Ultrafast FTTP  gigabit-capable broadband network

FullFibre ltd have embedded themselves in the Cinderford community by enabling residents and businesses access to the very best broadband infrastructure available.

Liaising closely with Gloucestershire County Council, the Forest Economic Partnership (FEP) and the Fastershire scheme, FullFibre was a perfect choice for the community, as a wholesale only provider residents and businesses have a choice of providers they can now access the service through.

In addition to liberating the town from poor broadband options FullFibre, through its customer awareness brand Fibre Heroes, has been busy donating to food banks, providing Easter chocolate to local schools, sponsoring the local Artspace’s new ‘connection’ art competition. These are just some of the activities that have been carried out as part of the collaboration.

As a recognition to the hard work, the main rotunda within Cinderford’s town square has recently been lit up pink, the brand colours of Fibre Heroes.

On top of this, the network is now live and customers can now benefit from FTTP broadband for the first time. This comes after many residents requested better internet speeds and the aforementioned partners rose to the challenge.

Matt Smith, Head of Public Procurement & Engagement at FullFibre said:

“Cinderford has been a welcoming community that understood the need and value for FTTP networks. Liaising closely with the county council, the FEP and Fastershire has been a pleasure and these strong relationships will continue to grow. Becoming part of the community is an added bonus for us at FullFibre and Fibre Heroes.”

Cinderford customers can now register through the Fibre Heroes website or through their partner ISP’s.

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FullFibre’s B2C ‘Fibre Engine’ Answers its First Call

Fibre Heroes’ refurbished Fire Engine makes its debut appearance at Shrewsbury Festival

FullFibre’s B2C marketing brand Fibre Heroes unveiled its brand new ‘Fibre Engine’ over the weekend at the Shrewsbury Food and Drink Festival.

Sporting the hashtag ‘#fibreengine’, the refurbished vehicle has been wrapped to match the pink brand colours and was kitted out with educational resources for festivalgoers.

Parked next to a branded gazebo, the one-of-a-kind vehicle sparked curiosity and attracted large crowds, with residents keen to learn more about full fibre broadband.

BeFibre, one of FullFibre’s partners, was also present during the inaugural appearance at the Shropshire Food and Drink Festival

FullFibre and Fibre Heroes will be using the vehicle as an education and brand awareness tool within their build towns, covering the entire Midlands region. It will be used to help promote their full fibre network and encourage residents to reach out to ISP partners to receive a connection.

Marketing Manager of FullFibre Dannii Sumpter, commented:

“It’s wonderful to see the Fibre Engine wrapped and unveiled for the first time. There has been a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes and it has turned out great. We were delighted that everyone came to see it and we’re really excited to use it as a tool to drive awareness of full fibre and generate interest for our ISP partners.”

The team at FullFibre are working hard to generate interest in their newly implemented networks to help their ISP partners connect customers.



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Wholesale Network Provider Builds and Lights Network in Shrewsbury

FullFibre’s new FTTP network is now live in the Shropshire town and registering customers

Altnet FullFibre, based in 4 regional offices across the UK, have announced that their wholesale network in Shrewsbury is now accepting customers.

Acting through their B2C brand Fibre Heroes, which actively generates awareness of the new service in the area, customers are now able to access FTTP broadband and achieve speeds of up to 1Gbps.

This announcement comes off the back of their recent build expansion into a 4th build region whilst adding more towns to their existing 3 regions. Additionally, the network provider has been announcing RFS in other towns including Ross-on-Wye, Leominster, Bayston Hill, Wem and many others.

Having announced their intention to build to Shrewsbury just over 12 months ago, the strictly wholesale network builder is creating a healthy marketplace amongst partnered ISP’s who wish to serve residents within the Shropshire town.

Dan Jones, National Build Director of FullFibre, commented:

“We recognised that building to Shrewsbury would be a challenge, especially given the amount of network builders in the area. But with our build rate and our highly-skilled engineers, we have certainly rised to the occasion. Connecting Shrewsbury is a landmark achievement for us at FullFibre and one that we will continually build upon.”

FullFibre are actively building towards their first milestone of connecting 500,000 premises by 2025.

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Leominster Connecting to Ultrafast Internet Thanks to FullFibre. 

FullFibre’s Fibre Heroes has unlocked thousands of residents for partners to serve full fibre ultrafast broadband. 

Residents of Leominster now have access to ultrafast FTTP broadband thanks to wholesale network provider FullFibre. 

Leominster is part of the Midlands South region, and part of the initial March 2021 build plan targeting underserved towns. The town is just one of many that have recently gone live with others including Ross-on-Wye and many more to be announced soon. 

FullFibre is a strictly wholesale network provider putting towns and rural areas that have been previously overlooked at the centre of business, bridging the digital divide across their core network that reaches from the border of South Wales to South Yorkshire. 

Acting through their B2C brand of Fibre Heroes, FullFibre are actively generating interest in the area and ensuring partners connect residents through their newly installed, futureproofed network. 

Dan Jones from FullFibre said this:  

“FullFibre is thrilled to make this announcement, providing new technology and possibilities for the community and individual residents of Leominster. We hope it can better equip local attractions, such as the castle and museum, benefitting tourists and local employees alike.”  

Full fibre can help the town of Leominster develop its digital opportunities, offering a new generation of broadband to those who need it most. 

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FullFibre Connecting Ross-On-Wye residents and Business On Their FTTP Network

ISP Partners of the Wholesale Network can now Service Ross-on-Wye with Ultrafast full fibre broadband.

FullFibre is pleased to announce that residents and businesses alike in Ross-on-Wye can access FTTP technology, helping to boost the local economy and ending poor connectivity issues in the town.

FullFibre, a wholesale only network provider, partners with multiple consumer and business ISP’s giving local residents choice when it comes to their broadband connection.

Acting through their B2C brand Fibre Heroes, FullFibre promote the awareness and virtues of full fibre broadband infrastructure in the area to ensure the support and growth of their partner ISP’s

This announcement falls on the back of their extensive continued build plans and recent expansion into 24 new towns and areas.

Residents and businesses in the area no longer have to put up with slow internet speeds or patchy video calls especially if they work from home. Full fibre broadband means consistent future proof service assuring the connected capabilities of the town for years to come.

Gareth Yardley, Area General Manager, from FullFibre commented:

“A town like Ross-on-Wye was previously overlooked by large network providers so we’re thrilled to make this announcement. Having access to ultrafast broadband can be a real benefit to towns looking to modernise their digital infrastructure, bridging the digital divide in the UK.”

With this news, partners of FullFibre are able to service customers in the area.

Get in touch to see how we can help explore creating new revenue streams for your business.

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Matt Baker Joins FullFibre as Head of Wholesale

A former Head of Business Sales, Matt Baker, joins FullFibre as Head of Wholesale, reporting to the Chief Operations Officer, James Warner.

Matt will be leading the sales strategy to assist our wholesale partners deliver gigabit capable broadband to both residential and business customers. This will include all the regions FullFibre currently serve like Leominster, Droitwich, Ross on Wye, Shrewsbury and many more. It will also include the recently announced fourth region that covers areas in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

Matt is looking forward to providing a great customer experience to the Wholesale partners and enabling them to grow their business and supply the higher bandwidths to the communities they serve.

” The fundamental way Residential and Business customers use the internet has changed, the market towns Full Fibre serves have been carefully chosen to enable our Partners to easily improve the internet experience to their customer base and have a positive impact in the community”

Matt has twenty years of sales experience with twelve of those focusing on connectivity improvements. He currently resides in Exeter and will be working from the Exeter Head Office.

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FullFibre Ltd Confirm their next region

Wholesale Altnet FullFibre Ltd. have taken another major step forward today by announcing what will become their Fourth region.

The Exeter based CP are building fibre networks right across the Midlands from three regional bases in Ledbury, Telford and Derby.

They have today provided details of their brand-new region to be based in Barnsley and which will extend the company’s reach across the north midlands and Yorkshire.

The news means new jobs will be created in this part of the north of England and even more opportunities for the local supply chain which will extend the economic benefits further still.

The announcement also details the first wave of communities that will be deployed and which will benefit from 1Gbps Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband. They are as follows;

Askern, Bawtry, Penistone and Tickhill (South Yorkshire)

Bolsover, Chapel en le Frith, Clowne, Creswell, Hayfield, New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Whitwell  and Wirksworth (Derbyshire)

Boroughbridge (North Yorkshire)

Clayton West, Crofton Denby Dale, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd & Ripponden Skelmanthorpe, & Todmorden and Walton (West Yorkshire)

Edwinstowe (Nottinghamshire)

Funded by the infrastructure investment fund, Basalt Infrastructure Partners III, FullFibre Ltd is in the position to announce these additional towns with more still to come. These towns alone include over 90,000 premises and every single one will be provided with the capability to connect to a gigabit capable internet service as the programme rolls out.

The network provider operates under their front-facing Fibre Heroes brand and are partnered with a variety of ISPs, creating market competition for these and the towns previously announced.

Oliver Helm, the CEO of FullFibre commented:

“FullFibre continues to expand its services outside of dense urban areas and major cities. There are certain areas across the country that are not given the same resources and funding needed for this type of digital upgrade. We remain steadfast in our mission to connect whole communities to ultrafast, reliable broadband and the opportunities that go hand-in-hand with that.

Our work requires longevity and commitment to be successful. We fully acknowledge the importance of upgrading both residents and businesses to not only to compete at the same level as the rest of the country, but also receive access to modern digital services and educational tools.

The additional areas just announced include towns that have been restricted digitally with unreliable copper connections, hindering modern households and businesses. We are now in a position to change that.”

FullFibre COO, James Warner also commented:

“Bringing on our fourth build region is another key milestone in FullFibre’s journey, enabling homes and business the access to the connectivity and services they deserve.

This activity will bring 100’s of jobs to the area and will mean the towns and communities in our newest build region can look forward to future proofed FullFibre service through any partner ISP we work with.”

One of the areas that will benefit from this announcement is the High Peak constituency. Their MP, Robert Largan welcomed the news:

He had this to say: “One of my top priorities is to improve access to ultrafast broadband across the High Peak. Our unique geography means we have some of the worst coverage not-spots in the entire country.  Full Fibre’s investment is fantastic news for local residents. I look forward to working more with them to speed up the ultra-fast broadband roll-out across the High Peak!”.

This announcement means residents in these towns across these counties are in line with FullFibre’s goal to connect 500,000 premises by 2025.