FullFibre’s B2C ‘Fibre Engine’ Answers its First Call

Full Fibre

June 30, 2022

9:12 am

Fibre Heroes’ refurbished Fire Engine makes its debut appearance at Shrewsbury Festival

FullFibre’s B2C marketing brand Fibre Heroes unveiled its brand new ‘Fibre Engine’ over the weekend at the Shrewsbury Food and Drink Festival.

Sporting the hashtag ‘#fibreengine’, the refurbished vehicle has been wrapped to match the pink brand colours and was kitted out with educational resources for festivalgoers.

Parked next to a branded gazebo, the one-of-a-kind vehicle sparked curiosity and attracted large crowds, with residents keen to learn more about full fibre broadband.

BeFibre, one of FullFibre’s partners, was also present during the inaugural appearance at the Shropshire Food and Drink Festival

FullFibre and Fibre Heroes will be using the vehicle as an education and brand awareness tool within their build towns, covering the entire Midlands region. It will be used to help promote their full fibre network and encourage residents to reach out to ISP partners to receive a connection.

Marketing Manager of FullFibre Dannii Sumpter, commented:

“It’s wonderful to see the Fibre Engine wrapped and unveiled for the first time. There has been a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes and it has turned out great. We were delighted that everyone came to see it and we’re really excited to use it as a tool to drive awareness of full fibre and generate interest for our ISP partners.”

The team at FullFibre are working hard to generate interest in their newly implemented networks to help their ISP partners connect customers.