Wholesale Network Provider Builds and Lights Network in Shrewsbury

Full Fibre

June 20, 2022

9:12 am

FullFibre’s new FTTP network is now live in the Shropshire town and registering customers

Altnet FullFibre, based in 4 regional offices across the UK, have announced that their wholesale network in Shrewsbury is now accepting customers.

Acting through their B2C brand Fibre Heroes, which actively generates awareness of the new service in the area, customers are now able to access FTTP broadband and achieve speeds of up to 1Gbps.

This announcement comes off the back of their recent build expansion into a 4th build region whilst adding more towns to their existing 3 regions. Additionally, the network provider has been announcing RFS in other towns including Ross-on-Wye, Leominster, Bayston Hill, Wem and many others.

Having announced their intention to build to Shrewsbury just over 12 months ago, the strictly wholesale network builder is creating a healthy marketplace amongst partnered ISP’s who wish to serve residents within the Shropshire town.

Dan Jones, National Build Director of FullFibre, commented:

“We recognised that building to Shrewsbury would be a challenge, especially given the amount of network builders in the area. But with our build rate and our highly-skilled engineers, we have certainly rised to the occasion. Connecting Shrewsbury is a landmark achievement for us at FullFibre and one that we will continually build upon.”

FullFibre are actively building towards their first milestone of connecting 500,000 premises by 2025.