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The availability of full fibre infrastructure is often identified as the key to delivering economic growth.

The readiness of high quality, ultrafast services in a competitive market will help revitalise digitally disadvantaged areas, enable better social mobility and remove ‘blockers’ for business growth and investment.

With digital at the heart of many of the services Local Authorities deliver, building a future-proofed infrastructure will provide the backbone for enhanced services (CCTV, multi-office networking, emergency services communications and ‘smart’ street furniture), and help reduce costs in the short- and long-term.

FullFibre’s wholesale only network delivers this.

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Addressing Not Spots

Addressing broadband ‘not spots’ is at the core of the business. FullFibre experts work in partnership with Local Authorities to identify the issues that they need help with, and to support the development of a commercial case to deliver effective solutions. In particular, our experts look at the places the data leaves out: pockets of housing and businesses that are getting a substandard connection, or areas that the council have identified for digital rejuvenation. This often involves identifying social housing and low rent zones that would benefit most from access to better online services.

Through FullFibres smart deployment techniques, our experts can leverage existing assets to reduce build costs, increase speed of deployment and minimise civil works intrusion on local residents.

Fueling Social Mobility and Enterprise

Truly excellent connectivity fuels both social mobility and enterprise growth. It provides better access to education, employment and council services. It enables better communication and outreach to marginalised communities and increasingly, connectivity is a cornerstone of Local Authority plans.

FullFibre’s infrastructure is ideally placed to support underserved Local Authorities to deliver on these plans: providing access to flexible, price competitive services for businesses that can grow as needed, and in turn fuel employment opportunities. Many businesses directly cite this as a key driver for having to move, or in choosing an office location. And with the same services available to the home, this better facilitates remote and part-time working – creating additional opportunities for a wider number of the local population.

Shared Networks

As council and state services become increasingly connected, shared networks will enhance productivity and reduce costs. FulllFibre’s end-to-end fibre optic network has the ability to deliver this through providing either point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or dark fibre networks.

By providing the anchor from which to build FullFibre’s commercial rollout, this often enhances the case for us to build our network throughout the area and to deliver benefits more widely.

Street Furniture, Public Wifi, & 5G

FullFibre’s network provides the basis for, and reduces the cost of, deploying ‘smart’ street technology. This includes deployment of traffic control systems, CCTV, public WiFi and messaging information systems.

FullFibre networks are designed to cover as many of these opportunities as possible, building in aggregation points to allow for quick and simple expansions with the minimum of civil dig disruption.

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