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FullFibre is a wholesale network provider working to connect more than 80 market towns across 11 counties in the UK to ultrafast broadband technology, with the ambition to be the best wholesale network provider in the UK.

By carefully selecting its build towns, FullFibre is able to unlock revenue in areas previously labelled unviable, targeting historically underserved areas as a priority, and helping to lessen the digital divide.

The FullFibre business model is wholesale only, allowing for healthy competition amongst its ISP partners. This model also gives the end-user an abundance of choice, ensuring the highest levels of service.

Fullfibre Live in Malvern,

Premises Count: 16,248

Pioneering the way that leads are acquired, FullFibre has introduced Fibre Heroes, a customer-facing lead generation campaign.

This campaign aims to educate end-users about the benefits of full fibre, and build up a pool of leads for ISP partners to connect with.

This is a unique offering in the market: spend on marketing activity for ISP partners is reduced because of this approach and therefore ROI is maximised.

FullFibre’s experts work closely with local authorities, property developers, internet service providers (ISPs) and communities to enrich the towns they are building in.

Fullfibre Live in Shrewsbury,

Premises Count: 40,503

Our Fibre Broadband Coverage

Our network size is growing ultrafast, correct as at Q1 2023


Actively building to 250,000 premises today

4 Regions

11 Counties



Our Values


Developing ground breaking methods to ensure barriers are overcome, every employee at FullFibre is encouraged to think outside the box.


Achieving ambitious targets is part of what FullFibre does: equipping its people with the passion and drive to achieve its aims and genuinely working towards its mission of reducing the digital divide.


Without a safe and effective workforce, FullFibre is nothing. Encouraging safety amongst all employees results in confidence in ability and a situation in which they can thrive.

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