Leominster Connecting to Ultrafast Internet Thanks to FullFibre. 

Full Fibre

June 14, 2022

9:12 am

FullFibre’s Fibre Heroes has unlocked thousands of residents for partners to serve full fibre ultrafast broadband. 

Residents of Leominster now have access to ultrafast FTTP broadband thanks to wholesale network provider FullFibre. 

Leominster is part of the Midlands South region, and part of the initial March 2021 build plan targeting underserved towns. The town is just one of many that have recently gone live with others including Ross-on-Wye and many more to be announced soon. 

FullFibre is a strictly wholesale network provider putting towns and rural areas that have been previously overlooked at the centre of business, bridging the digital divide across their core network that reaches from the border of South Wales to South Yorkshire. 

Acting through their B2C brand of Fibre Heroes, FullFibre are actively generating interest in the area and ensuring partners connect residents through their newly installed, futureproofed network. 

Dan Jones from FullFibre said this:  

“FullFibre is thrilled to make this announcement, providing new technology and possibilities for the community and individual residents of Leominster. We hope it can better equip local attractions, such as the castle and museum, benefitting tourists and local employees alike.”  

Full fibre can help the town of Leominster develop its digital opportunities, offering a new generation of broadband to those who need it most.