FullFibre Connecting Ross-On-Wye residents and Business On Their FTTP Network

Full Fibre

June 8, 2022

3:01 pm

ISP Partners of the Wholesale Network can now Service Ross-on-Wye with Ultrafast full fibre broadband.

FullFibre is pleased to announce that residents and businesses alike in Ross-on-Wye can access FTTP technology, helping to boost the local economy and ending poor connectivity issues in the town.

FullFibre, a wholesale only network provider, partners with multiple consumer and business ISP’s giving local residents choice when it comes to their broadband connection.

Acting through their B2C brand Fibre Heroes, FullFibre promote the awareness and virtues of full fibre broadband infrastructure in the area to ensure the support and growth of their partner ISP’s

This announcement falls on the back of their extensive continued build plans and recent expansion into 24 new towns and areas.

Residents and businesses in the area no longer have to put up with slow internet speeds or patchy video calls especially if they work from home. Full fibre broadband means consistent future proof service assuring the connected capabilities of the town for years to come.

Gareth Yardley, Area General Manager, from FullFibre commented:

“A town like Ross-on-Wye was previously overlooked by large network providers so we’re thrilled to make this announcement. Having access to ultrafast broadband can be a real benefit to towns looking to modernise their digital infrastructure, bridging the digital divide in the UK.”

With this news, partners of FullFibre are able to service customers in the area.

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