Wholesale Network Provider FullFibre Lights up Cinderford

Full Fibre

July 5, 2022

11:38 am

The Forest of Dean Town now has access to an Ultrafast FTTP  gigabit-capable broadband network

FullFibre ltd have embedded themselves in the Cinderford community by enabling residents and businesses access to the very best broadband infrastructure available.

Liaising closely with Gloucestershire County Council, the Forest Economic Partnership (FEP) and the Fastershire scheme, FullFibre was a perfect choice for the community, as a wholesale only provider residents and businesses have a choice of providers they can now access the service through.

In addition to liberating the town from poor broadband options FullFibre, through its customer awareness brand Fibre Heroes, has been busy donating to food banks, providing Easter chocolate to local schools, sponsoring the local Artspace’s new ‘connection’ art competition. These are just some of the activities that have been carried out as part of the collaboration.

As a recognition to the hard work, the main rotunda within Cinderford’s town square has recently been lit up pink, the brand colours of Fibre Heroes.

On top of this, the network is now live and customers can now benefit from FTTP broadband for the first time. This comes after many residents requested better internet speeds and the aforementioned partners rose to the challenge.

Matt Smith, Head of Public Procurement & Engagement at FullFibre said:

“Cinderford has been a welcoming community that understood the need and value for FTTP networks. Liaising closely with the county council, the FEP and Fastershire has been a pleasure and these strong relationships will continue to grow. Becoming part of the community is an added bonus for us at FullFibre and Fibre Heroes.”

Cinderford customers can now register through the Fibre Heroes website or through their partner ISP’s.