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Our Fibre Heroes Connects Alfreton to Ultrafast Broadband

The town of Alfreton can now experience gigabit speeds thanks to our Fibre Heroes.

A reliable FTTP broadband connection in Alfreton means many residents and businesses can now take full advantage of ultrafast internet and avoid pained connectivity issues.

Ultrafast internet in towns like Alfreton can offer digital opportunities for businesses in the area as well as drastically improve the connection for those working from home.

We’ve worked hard to complete this build providing access to full fibre broadband with over 4,000 properties now live across Somercotes, Leabrooks, Riddings and Swanwick.

Our mission also helps to promote our ISP partners through our Fibre Heroes marketing campaign, targeting locations across Derbyshire and the Midlands to increase market competition and provide more choice for customers.

Our CSO, James Warner stated:

“Putting towns and communities live and providing more opportunities for our partners is the really exciting bit about what we do. Connecting customers to a true 21st century network is what we are all here for and the opportunity for our partners and the towns we cover is growing day by day.”

With our mission to connect underserved areas, we plan to reach the rest of Alfreton in the near future so all residents can join the internet revolution.