FullFibre for Property Developers.

The pandemic made the UK realise the importance of faster and more reliable broadband. Having access to a fibre connection has now become a large factor when buyers consider where to relocate.

Since our establishment, we have been supplying ultrafast fibre for property developers across a vast number of locations across the UK. Full Fibre broadband means that users will experience gigabit-capable speeds and flawless reliability, which is now essential in day-to-day life.

By equipping your development with this new infrastructure, you will be protecting your building project for the future, while pushing up both the value and appeal now.

Benefits for Developers

  • Properties with Full Fibre broadband see an increase in value by at least £3500.
  • Possess a future-proofed solution that will grow with the user’s needs.
  • A fully project-managed deployment means less work and stress for you.
  • Support the Government initiative of 100% Gigabit coverage of the UK by 2030.

Benefits for Residents

  • Faster and reliable internet connection that can reach gigabit-speeds.
  • A range of exemplary ISP to choose from that can suit their packages to the user’s online needs.
  • Multiple device usage across the premise no matter the time or weather.

Part R Compliant

Developers are required to ensure that any new developments or major conversions are capable of providing superfast broadband to buyers and tenants. Public Consultations currently in progress from the government look likely to amend this further to insist on fully fibreoptic broadband being installed. Our experienced design teams ensure compliance with these regulations and ensure Day One activation as home and business users move in.

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