FullFibre puts the towns of Evesham and Cheadle Live

Full Fibre

October 20, 2022

9:12 am

We have turned the two towns of  Evesham and Cheadle live by connecting them to our newly built full fibre network, offering gigabit speeds to thousands of premises across the two market towns.

In Cheadle, just over 50% of the town (over 5,000 properties) can now take service with the other 50% nearing completion over the next 6 months. Evesham, not to be outdone, is also live and available to over 5,000 residents today representing 1/3 of this town as complete with the rest being delivered by Q2 of next year.

As a wholesale only broadband network provider, we promote our ISP partners through our Fibre Heroes marketing campaign, targeting locations across market towns with typically underserved broadband infrastructure.

These two towns going live are two of many either now live or imminent to be so from the 30+ currently in a phase of build for the network operator.

Our CSO, James Warner said:

“We continue to build and send live areas like Evesham and Cheadle at pace to make sure our partner ISP’s can make the most of this new service offering to residents in these areas. We know some of the towns we build have had suggested interest from other providers, but actually getting customers connected in these towns is what counts and that’s where our partner ISP’s really benefit.”

This falls in line with our work across all of our build locations continuing to grow with active build now in 11 Counties.