Kickstart Parntership with FullFibre for 2022

A partnership between FullFibre and Kickstart is enabling 10 candidates to acquire industry skills and comprehensive support.

We are proud to announce that a new partnership between Kickstart and FullFibre will be coming into place early in 2022.

The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to create new jobs for 16 to 24 year olds over a 6 month placement. Full Fibre will be joining the scheme and will be able to give a young person who is at risk of unemployment a potentially life changing opportunity.

We have 10 vacancies split across 4 sites (Exeter, Ledbury, Telford & Derby)

Benefits include:

Comprehensive support and training provided to enable the young person to be in a good position to apply for a full-time role in the future.
100% of the National Living Wage for 25 hours per week for a total of 6 months, with the potential of full-time position after the 6 months.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who are looking to find hands-on experience across our industry. This isn’t all about being in the field. We have a range of internal departments that provide high quality, applicable skills that can be taken with candidates onwards in their careers.

For more information, visit our Jobs section on our website: